21 August 2023

Mastering the Art of Coffee Extraction: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Perfect Cup

Understanding Coffee Extraction

Coffee extraction is crucial for crafting the perfect cup. To achieve good extraction, you need the right amount of ground coffee, grind size, tamping, hot water volume, pressure, and brewing time. Professional baristas master these skills over years of practice. However, this precision can be easily achieved with a bean-to-cup machine such as Azkoyen’s.

Different Extraction Methods

Fresh Brew coffee requires coarse ground coffee, longer contact time, and low pressure. This yields a smoother cup. On the other hand, espresso needs a finer grind, high pressure, and short extraction time to bring out the coffee’s richness. Balancing these extraction variables creates the “Sweet Spot” or “Golden Cup,” characterized by clear flavor, balanced acidity, sweetness, and a lingering aftertaste.

Under-extraction results in an acidic, salty coffee lacking sweetness. Whereas, over-extraction leads to a bitter, dry flavor.

Perfecting your brew

Good materials, proper water treatment, and practice are essential. Alternatively, a self-service automatic machine like Azkoyen’s can ensure consistent, worry-free brewing with fresh products by simply making a selection.

2in1 in Coffee Technology

The Azkoyen V30 variable coffee brewer, coupled with Dual Bean technology and the Azkoyen’s “barista brain” ACME technology, indeed revolutionizes the coffee brewing experience. By allowing precise control over dosage and grind coarseness, it ensures that each cup is crafted to perfection, tailored to individual preferences.

Now, with its integration into the Vitro X1 and Vitro X5 machines, this technology brings convenience and excellence to coffee enthusiasts everywhere. Customers can delight in the consistency and quality of their brew, whether it’s an espresso shot or a freshly brewed cup. With Azkoyen’s innovation, enjoying a great cup of coffee becomes not just a routine, but an enjoyable experience in itself.