Vitro S5

A fantastic design for a unique coffee machine

The Vitro S5 is a large capacity, automatic, hot beverage machine, ideal for preparing an extensive menu of hot beverages of the highest quality. It features espresso and soluble coffee technologies.

The Vitro S5 is an ideal standalone solution for medium and large companies, that want to offer an excellent coffee service continuously and effortlessly.

Outstanding features

User friendly touchless selection

The 12 option panel offers a wide variety of coffees with an elegant and simple label design. It is also equipped with Distance Selection Technology, the new touchless selection system.

Sturdy and
easy to clean

The stainless steel dispensing area is sturdy and easy to clean. The front of the tray is removable, allowing easy daily maintenance.


The waste drawer has a capacity for up to 220 coffee cakes and the liquid tray holds 84oz. An exceptional run-time allowing a continuous service.

cup sizes

Cups up to 5.51in high can be used. It includes a retractable cup stand that allows the use of small cups.


A great design in and out. Inside there is a coding system and a tube color guide to simplify maintenance work.

Easy to refill coffee beans and soluble ingredients

The filling of coffee beans and soluble products is quick and simple, thanks to the folding cover you don ́t have to take out the canisters.



This coffee machine offers the authentic taste of the real espresso. The Vitro S5 is recommended for unattended locations thanks to its high capacity and secured tray.

Talent management at the office

Talent has become the scarcest resource in the modern workplace and companies want to attract, retain and develop it. Informal coffee environments are one of the many employee benefits used in talent management. Therefore, networking activity flourishes in mixed environments and the Vitro S5 is optimal to support co-operative cultures through consistent coffee quality, a premium user experience, and its comprehensive drinks offer.

So as coffee is the fuel that keeps the office workplace running, it is an opportunity to facilitate myriads of face-to-face informal interactions that help generate ideas and enhance team productivity with our Vitro S5.

Countless accessories and options for your business

Offering a unique coffee experience has never been easier. We have developed a complete range of accessories to adapt Vitro S5 to any business model. The Vitro S5 accessories provide a distinctive service and help you improve your profitability.

Pay by card or cashless

We are in a global continous adapting world and payment trends are changing. The MDB protocol allows the Vitro S5 to adapt to the latest payment methods with various accessories that make payment easy.

For a self-contained operation, the Vitro S5 allows to integrate a cashless system.


Coffee just the way you like

Azkoyen’s AZK V30 Group is able to adjust each recipe to your customer’s taste, offering the possibility to set a dose throw of between 7 and 14 grams of coffee.

The adjustable espresso dispensing system offers the option of dispensing various sizes of coffee cups in the same machine, being certain of serving the optimum amount of coffee in each service. In addition, this option allows the consumer to adjust the strength of the coffee to suit their taste.

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