Vitro X1

Innovative design for quality coffee beverages

¡Now with Mia FreshMilk!

Vitro X1 is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine with the latest technology MIA. Delicious drinks with fresh milk as velvety cappuccinos or latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam in a compact coffee machine that suits perfectly in any location. The VITRO X1 is a compact coffee machine with a sleek, look that has been developed with attention to detail and the finest finishes.  Its design complements any area of an office, hotel, leisure centre or convenience store with a consumption of up to 100 cups per day.

Outstanding features

Mia FreshMilk System

Our innovative micro-injected air (MIA) solution creates a consistent, velvety texture without diluting the taste with steam. Provides warm or cold milk and milk foam with the consistency to suit the consumer’s taste.

Variable brewing unit

The variable brewing unit enables two different brewing methods in a single machine: espresso and filter coffee. Furthermore, the coffee strength and size can be adjusted thereby enabling a perfect customization of each beverage.

Easy to use selection panel

With up to 12 specialty coffee selections available, you can make your coffee selections using Touch or our new touchless patented Distance Selection technology - choose your favorite.

Easy Access Hoppers

One or two 4.85 lb bean hoppers and up to two hoppers for chocolate or other soluble ingredients. Product can be directly and easily loaded from the top, without opening the door.

Iluminated dispense area

Illuminated dispense area providing an improved user experience.

Accessories adapted to your business model with a wide range of accessories,

With a wide range of accessories, the Vitro X1 can be adapted to suit any business model, with different payment modules, stands and coolers available to complement the machine.


Vitro X1 brings complete peace of mind in busy coffee service environments with a consumption of up to 100 cups per day. The perfect solution to promote a cooperative culture in the office.

Espresso and Filter coffee in a single machine

To offer a perfect espresso, all brewing units available in the VITRO range of machines extract the maximum flavor and aroma under an exact pressure of 9 bars for a perfect crema.

For greater flexibility the AZK V30 variable unit offers the option of adjusting the espresso strength by varying the dosage, and also allows you to dispense beverages of different volumes. You can also offer filter coffee from the same machine, ensuring the optimal coffee quantity is served with each cup.

The AZK V20 brewing unit is ideal for large volume offerings of espresso-based beverages.

Perfect density, perfect creaminess, perfect temperature, perfect flavour down to the last sip.

With the MIA FreshMilk system, the temperature of the liquid milk and foam can be either hot or cold, and the density and consistency of the foam can be adjusted to suit the tastes of the most demanding consumers.

The only thing better than a sip of fresh, full-bodied, full-flavored milk, is that same sip, withjust the right creaminess in the mouth. We create moments of value and enjoyment for all tastes and preferences. This is why MIA technology is also capable of frothing plant-based beverages.

Adaptable to any location

With a wide range of accessories, the Vitro S5 can be adapted to suit any business
model, with different payment modules, base cabinets and coolers available to complement the machine.

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