Azkoyen Showcases Its Innovation at NAMA 2024

Azkoyen Showcases Its Innovation at NAMA 2024

Azkoyen Group, the Spanish multinational leader in technology, participated once again at the NAMA Show 2024, the premier event for the Office Coffee Service, vending, micro-markets, and convenience store industry in the Americas.


The event, held in Dallas from May 7 to 9, was the perfect stage for Azkoyen to showcase its latest and most innovative automatic bean-to-cup solutions Continue reading “Azkoyen Showcases Its Innovation at NAMA 2024”

Mastering the Art of Coffee Extraction: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Perfect Cup

Understanding Coffee Extraction

Coffee extraction is crucial for crafting the perfect cup. To achieve good extraction, you need the right amount of ground coffee, grind size, tamping, hot water volume, pressure, and brewing time. Professional baristas master these skills over years of practice. However, this precision can be easily achieved with a bean-to-cup machine such as Azkoyen’s.

Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Coffee Extraction: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the Perfect Cup”

Azkoyen receives the NY Product Design Award for Vitro X1 coffee machine

Azkoyen has received the Silver Winner NY Product Design Award 2023 for its Vitro X1 coffee machine in the category of Office Equipment.

The New York Design Awards program recognizes and celebrates the innovation and creativity of those who are driving progress in their respective industries. The awards are open to anyone who is passionate about developing products and services that have both commercial and market impact.

Vitro X1 is the result of the company commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

The Vitro X1 is a modern and sleek espresso coffee machine that is perfect for medium-sized environments. It guarantees a consistent and excellent coffee experience for consumers by utilizing the latest MIA technology, which can produce delicious drinks with fresh milk, such as velvety cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. Its sophisticated design and innovative features make it a standout product giving you peace of mind while enjoying your coffee.

Azkoyen Group is dedicated to developing automated products and services that enhance the lives of people around the world. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the company is committed to creating solutions that have a positive impact on the planet and society as a whole.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to discover Azkoyen cutting-edge technology and its award-winning Vitro X1 coffee machine in NAMA 2023 stand 441.


Azkoyen presents its new products in the USA

Azkoyen has attended CTW (Coffee, Tea & Water) 2022, which takes place every year in the USA. This event is a new meeting point for operators and professionals who offer non-attended solutions for workplaces and public spaces.

This event, which brings together major companies from the world of coffee, tea, water and convenience services, unfolded via educational programmes, exhibitions and new experiences such as the Imagination Way and the Workplace Innovation Summit.

Within this framework, Azkoyen presented the dual version of its successful coffee brewer that makes it possible to prepare both espresso and fresh-brew coffee, which is very popular among American consumers. The patented AZKV30 brewer, with a variable chamber, allows the preparation of both recipes using the same technology, obtaining exquisite brewing results in the cup.

The Group also showed off its new Vitro X5 model with two coffee grinders equipped with the new dual coffee extraction technology, allowing operators to achieve with a single machine what they previously needed to do with two, improving their operating costs and environmental impact by reducing their carbon footprint by half.

According to Juanje Alberdi, CEO of the Coffee & Vending Systems and Payment Technologies divisions: “Presenting our products at CTW 2022 is crucial for the introduction of our brand in the USA as we continue to expand our philosophy and business model beyond our borders. More and more markets are being added to our internationalisation strategy and the American market is a key one for the company’s expansion. At the Azkoyen Group we work tirelessly to continue to show the world our technology, our knowledge about consumers and our motivation to improve the business of operators while increasing the quality and innovation of our products.”

Azkoyen Group presents the new Vitro X1 coffee machine at The Nama Show 2022

Azkoyen will be attending the NAMA One Show (Chicago) to be held from 6 to 8 April. This is the most important event in America for the vending and OCS (Office Coffee Service) industry, where the company will present the Vitro X1 machine, with NSF certification. A product that is arriving in the USA, which is compact, elegant and has a contemporary design, perfect for locations that seek to offer high quality drinks, as well as the best customer experience, in offices, hotels, restaurants and retail venues.

Azkoyen operates in the USA since 2017, where it has its own logistics and technical service centres in North Carolina, and continues its commitment to spreading the culture of coffee, adapting it to the culture and characteristics of the country.

The Vitro X1 is an intuitive machine, easy to clean and maintain, which has been designed to adapt to a variety of business models offering a wide range of payment options for the consumer. It is also noteworthy for its variety of operating modes such as the AZK V30, patented by Azkoyen. This is a pre-infusion and dispensing system that extracts the maximum taste and aroma with a perfect creaminess from any blend of roasted coffee. This feature allows the intensity of the coffee to be adapted to the consumer’s taste, meaning that the Vitro X1 offers an optimal coffee experience, from the grinding of the beans until it reaches the cup in a matter of seconds. In addition to dispensing a wide menu of espresso-based beverages, Vitro X1 offers delicious hot chocolates.

Given its characteristics, the Vitro X1 is designed for environments with a consumption of up to 150 cups a day, making it suitable for offices, medium-sized hotels, convenience stores and petrol stations.

Strong presence in the American continent
NAMA will be held at McCormick Place (Chicago) where national and international exhibitors will come together, being one of the main events in the automatic distribution sector where new products and services related to retail, equipment and furniture for the hospitality and food industry can be showcased.

Azkoyen has over seventy-five years of experience in the development of technological innovations, allowing it to offer solutions for companies and offices, the hotel and catering industry, convenience stores, and transport and leisure sectors. In addition, Azkoyen is constantly working to provide its customers with unique consumer experiences via its professional automatic coffee machines.

The Azkoyen Group celebrates its 75th anniversary at its Peralta factory with a walk through its history

Azkoyen Group celebrated its 75th anniversary at an event held at its factory in Peralta (Navarra). The attendees enjoyed a guided tour of the premises and the museum, where they were able to see at first hand each of the machines and solutions that have been a part of the company’s history.

Afterwards, they all headed to the Casa de Cultura of the Navarrese town, where its chairman, Juan José Suárez, began the official ceremony with an overview of the 75 years of the Group, from its foundation in 1945 to the present day. The event was attended by the mayor of Peralta, Juan Carlos Castillo Ezpeleta.

Tribute was also paid to the daughters of the founder, Martín Luis Troyas, creator of Talleres Azkoyen, who received a trophy in memory of their father. Special recognition was also given to the strategic suppliers who have supported the company over the years and to all the employees who have been part of the group’s past and present, especially those with more than 40 years of service.

Juan José Suárez, chairman of the Azkoyen Group proudly said: “It has been many years since 1945, when the first Spanish vending machines were created. And since then, the company has grown into a large business group comprising more than 800 people, with a presence in more than 95 countries. Everything we have achieved is, without doubt, thanks to our valuable human capital

A day that reviewed the major launches and products that have marked these 75 years and that have undoubtedly left their mark on the sector and the region.

The event was affected by the capacity limitations set by the authorities, but these did not prevent the attendees from enjoying a unique day in the history of the Azkoyen Group. The event was also attended by seven members of the Azkoyen Group management board, as well as representatives from the Navarra company’s workforce.

The Azkoyen Group wins the award for best vending system supplier of the year for the sixth time

The Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish technology multinational, which offers automated products and services designed to bring unique experiences to people in their daily lives, has received the NIVO Equipment Supplier (National Independent Vending Operators) award for the sixth time since 2013.

NIVO is one of the most important purchasing groups in the UK and this award recognises Coffetek, the Azkoyen trademark in Britain, as the best vending machine supplier of the year. Voting is carried out with the participation of more than 280 vending machine operators who are part of NIVO.

Juanje Alberdi, director of the Coffee & Vending Systems division, expressed his pride regarding this recognition: “The Azkoyen Group is very proud to have received this award for yet another year. It motivates us to keep working on helping to create unique consumer experiences with our coffee machines.
We have more than 75 years of experience developing technological innovations to adapt to the needs of our customers and end users. Examples include the patented Distance Selection technology, which is revolutionising the market by allowing drinks to be selected without touching the surface of the machine, and the recently patented MIA micro air injection technology, that
prepares a perfect, silky and consistent froth for a wide range of coffees and fresh milk drinks.”

The UK, a great ally for the company

The company has a strong presence in the UK, which is the location of one of the Azkoyen Group’s eight worldwide head offices, as well as one of the group’s three coffee machine factories.

And this is not the only award the company has received from the British vending industry. In previous years, the company has received the Vending Industry Awards “Vendies” as well as from the Associated Vending Services Limited (AVS) group, which operates more than 65,000 machines in the British market.

With these three awards, the Azkoyen Group continues its successful trajectory in the United Kingdom with its Coffetek brand. Technology has no borders and nor do people’s needs, which is why the Azkoyen Group is now present in 95 countries on five continents.

About NIVO

NIVO was founded in 1988 by like-minded entrepreneurs. It is a purchase group with over 280 operator members and over 90 supplier members, with the purpose of ensuring the best treatment possible for its members in the market. Regular meetings are held with all current members and future suppliers to analyse the performance of the business, organize the promotional material and seek innovation.

Azkoyen is working to distribute free PPE using its automatic machines

Azkoyen will be installing its automatic machines in the Eibar township (Gipuzkoa) to assist in the free distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) by the local council to its citizens, with the aim of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The distribution will be carried out in a safe and controlled manner thanks to the most advanced technology offered by the Azkoyen Palma+ and Mistral+ automatic machines. The Council of the Basque town of Eibar will issue a card to each citizen which they can use to obtain a maximum of two PPE per day via these automatic machines, which will be located at various points around the town.

Azkoyen will be expanding the installation of its Palma+ and Mistral+ models to industries, companies, commercial and public places, and other sectors to facilitate the distribution of masks, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gels or any other protective material that helps to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus. The latest technology of these machines allows them to limit the extraction by the user and within a certain period of time, something that provides the distributor with full control of the stock.

Azkoyen patents the Distance Selection technology which allows product selection in automatic machines without the need to touch any surfaces

Azkoyen has developed and patented Distance Selection technology for their automatic machines, which allows the user to obtain the products without having any contact with the surface of the machine, adding safety and hygiene to the purchasing process.

The mechanical push-button or touch-screen panels on vending machines, are now being replaced by new technologies that work remotely, such as the Distance Selection technology featured in Azkoyen Group machines. Thanks to this, the user can select the product they want from a distance of up to 2 centimetres from the surface of the selection panel as shown in this video .

The health and safety measure enabled by Distance Selection will improve consumer confidence in the use of vending machines, ideal for work and hospitality environments.

Changing the way we relate to the devices around us, such as vending machines, has become an indispensable step towards significantly reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19, which will be reflected in improved health for users.